Overperforming underwriting

We are a specialist adviser and administrator, providing direct access to the Lloyd’s underwriting market; with thorough analysis and bespoke portfolio construction advice.

Brief insights into Alpha

Explore what makes Alpha different.

Discover more about Alpha’s approach to portfolio construction.

Why choose us

Perennial performance

We have outperformed the Lloyd’s market and our peers since inception in 2008. Unlike the other members’ agents, we do not charge a profit commission. We co-invest alongside our clients in bespoke, analytically driven portfolios.

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Our service is truly bespoke and based upon individual risk appetite. Every client has two dedicated points of contact.


All syndicates we support are also underwritten by one of our directors.


Our team provide you with direct access to the highest quality analysis of underwriting at Lloyd’s based upon decades of experience.

Why invest at Lloyd’s

The world’s leading insurance market

Investors at Lloyd’s provide capital to syndicates and special purpose arrangements and receive a share of the profits or losses in proportion to their commitment.

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Risk versus reward

True diversification

Robust performance

Who we are

A team of specialists at your side

We are firstly insurance analysts who believe in personal service and pragmatic analysis-led advice.

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