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About Us

Alpha Insurance Analysts Ltd (Alpha) is a Lloyd's members' agency that represents and advises third party members of Lloyd's on their underwriting affairs. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The company was set up by James Sparrow and Emma Royds in September 2007.

It is the first new Lloyd's members' agent that has been set up since 1986. Prior to the establishment of Alpha there were only two members' agents active in the Lloyd's market, which meant that there was little choice for third party members and much less than had once been the case.

For the 2015 account, Alpha represents 215 Lloyd's members, who collectively underwrite over £372 million of capacity in the Lloyd's insurance market. These members either trade on an unlimited liability basis as traditional Names or on a limited liability basis either as Namecos or Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). Alpha does not have any members trading within the Scottish Limited Partnership (SLP) framework.

The employees of Alpha have recently completed a management buyout of the previous external shareholders and so the business is now owned by Archimedes Partners Ltd, a company wholly owned by Alpha employees.

Alpha cannot act on behalf of US persons wishing to become members of Lloyd's. This is as a result of discussions between Lloyd's and US federal and state regulators in the mid 1990s in relation to the implementation of Reconstruction and Renewal (R&R).

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