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Auction Newsletter No 7

Auction three resultsA total of £10.86 million of market capacity involving 23 syndicates underwriting this year was successfully auctioned at a total value of £4.03 million.Subscription offers (offers to buy) totalled £319.52 million and tenders (offers to sell) totalled £24.28 million during the auction held on 14 – 15 October.

This auction is the last of three auctions being held in September and October.

The six reports issued by Lloyd’s as part of the results announcement, including penny bands and unsatisfied bids reports, can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

2015 Auction 3 Day 2 Auction-summary

2015 Auction 3 Day 1 Detailed Penny Bands

Auction 3 Day 2 Unsatisfied bids

2015 Auction 3 Day 2 Syndicate Stakebuilders

2015 Auction 3 Day 2 Successful bids in excess of 100k

2015 Auction 3 Day 2 Successful bids by Connected-members

Lloyd’s Auction Website