2020 Auction 3 Results and Reports

Posted 05/11/2020 – Insights

Auction Newsletter No 7

Auction three results

A total of £29.18 million of market capacity involving 17 syndicates underwriting this year was successfully auctioned at a total value of £5.44 million.

Subscription offers (offers to buy) totalled £628.14 million and tenders (offers to sell) totalled £52.87 million during the auction held on 4 – 5 November.

This auction is the third and final auction being held in 2020.

2020 Auction 3 Auction Summary

2020 Auction 3 Final Penny Bands

2020 Auction 3 Final Unsatisfied Bids

2020 Auction 3 Stakebuilders Report

2020 Auction 3 Successful bids in excess of £100k

2020 Auction 3 Successful Bids by Connected Member

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