2023 pre-emption notifications

Posted 31/08/2022 – News

Please see below for the list of pre-emptions for syndicates supported by third-party capital. Business plans are currently in the process of being approved, therefore the current figures are provisional.


*S.A. Meacock is allocating £1,800,000 of the increased capacity to staff. Therefore, the pre-emption to members capacity is 22.1%.

**Underwriting on syndicate 4242 does not come with any pre-emption rights. However, we have been advised that the stamp is increasing for 2023 to £260m and current capital providers are being offered a pro-rata increase in their underwriting of 15.6%.

***SPA 5623 is migrating from a SPA to a full syndicate for 2023. Whilst there are currently no pre-emption rights with underwriting on 5623, the stamp is increasing to £340m for 2023 and current third party capital providers of 5623 are being offered a pro-rata increase of 40% of their line for 2023.


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