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Chaucer Syndicate 1176 2020 Year of Account Result & Updated 2021 Forecast

Posted 20/02/2023 – Quick takes

Chaucer has announced its result for the 2020 Year of Account for its syndicate 1176 and has also released an update for the 2021 year of account

Syndicate 1176

The 2020 profit of 46.5% of capacity is above the midpoint of the previous forecast range, which was set between +37.5% and +47.5% of capacity.

The 2021 forecast is unchanged at between +12.5% and +32.5% of capacity, midpoint +22.5% of capacity

Alpha comment

As usual, the result improved thanks to a generous release from the prior years’ reserves together with a reduction in the recognised investment loss in the final quarter. The forecast for 2021 remains unchanged at this stage but we would expect it to follow a similar pattern,  improving in the coming quarters prior to closure.

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