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QBE Syndicate 386 2020 Year of Account Result & Updated 2021 Forecast

Posted 27/02/2023 – Forecasts & Results

QBE has announced its result for the 2020 Year of Account for its syndicate 386 and has also released an update for the 2021 year of account

Syndicate 386

The 2020 year has closed with a disappointing loss of -9.5% of capacity, which is below the midpoint of the previous forecast range, previously set between -6.6% and -1.6% of capacity.

The 2021 forecast range has moved to a range between +10.9% and +15.9% (midpoint +13.4%) of capacity. The previous forecast range was between +12.7% and +17.7% (midpoint +15.2%) of capacity.


Alpha comment

This is obviously a very disappointing outcome for the 2020 year.

We are advised that the deterioration this quarter reflects: (i) further negative investment contribution in the quarter; (ii) adverse prior year development, driven by (a) an increase in the excess inflation allowance and (b) strengthening on UK Liability business in response to Covid related reporting delays lasting longer than previously anticipated; and (iii) a reduction in anticipated reinsurance recoveries.

Unfortunately this is not the first year to have seen adverse development on the prior years and each year we investigate the reserving issues and QBE explains why these issues have now been addressed.

Without the full data pack to know the relative impact of the investments and the prior year development, we cannot provide further detail, but we are meeting with QBE later this week for a forensic review.

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