Expert support for your underwriting at Lloyd’s

First class adminstrative services

Our client services team can help (direct) corporate members with the day-to-day administration of underwriting at Lloyd’s.

In addition to the administration, Alpha can also offer a full members’ agent service including trading in the auctions and access to other non-tradeable capacity.

  • Providing management of Limited Liability Vehicles (LLVs) via our partnership with Fidentia Services LLP
  • Distribution of underwriting profits and collection of underwriting losses
  • Arranging additions to, releases from and reorganisations of Fund’s at Lloyd’s
  • Guiding through quarterly capital requirement test ensure sufficient assets are in place to support underwriting
  • Facilitating any changes to the corporate structure such as a change of control
  • Providing members with quarterly syndicate data and forecasts
  • Assisting with meeting Lloyd’s compliance requirements

Administrative services

Whether you require assistance with Funds at Lloyd’s, documentation or operational efficiency, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way, including distribution of profit, collection of losses, changes to corporate structure and Coming into Line.

Our team has regular meetings with our clients, their investment manager and other external parties and with the Lloyd’s Member Services, tax and compliance teams to ensure that any queries and changes to requirements are dealt with efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

Members’ agent services

In addition to administrative services, Alpha can also support a corporate member by offering advice on portfolio construction and faciliating trading in the capacity auctions, if this is required.

We can provide members’ agency services for vehicles issued via London Bridge 2.


“Market analysis is at the core of what we do. We endeavour to provide the best return for our clients regardless of prevailing market conditions.”

James Sparrow ACII, Alpha co-founder

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