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Alpha and Lloyd's Results

Our results from 2008 are compared to Lloyd's overall market results.

Historical results of the Lloyd’s market - on a three year accounting basis - are shown from 2004.

Insurance underwriting is a risk business and membership is a long-term venture as losses can be experiences as well as profits.

Past results may be an unreliable guide to future prospects.

Alpha’s Results

Our results, as compared to the overall Lloyd’s market results, are set out below for 2008 onwards.  These results do not take into account members’ agents’ fees.

2017 est.2018 est.
Lloyd's Market10.2%17.1%2.5%3.9%11.9%9.1%10.7%6.2%-3.1%-9.6%-4.4%

Source: 2008–2009 ALM data; 2010-2016 syndicate results; 2017 and 2018 syndicate estimates as at 30th June 2019.

Syndicate Results

Please view the latest result or forecast for each syndicate available to third party capital for the last closed year and the open years.

Lloyd’s Historical Results

The following table shows the historical results of the Lloyd’s market, on a three year accounting basis, since the 2001 year of account (the open year estimates are based on the mid-point of the range supplied by managing agents).

£ millions
Lloyd's market overall result as %
of Capacity
Result of best performing syndicateResult of worst performing syndicate
2018 Account at 31/03/19 (estimate)32,290-3.8%25.0%-55.0%
2017 Account at 31/03/19 (estimate)30,296-10.4%45.0%-57.1%
2016 Account at 31/12/1827,512-3.1%47.6%-40.1%
2015 Account at 31/12/1726,2666.2%51.5%-43.1%
2014 Account at 31/12/1626,52710.7%52.9%-18.6%
2013 Account at 31/12/1524,9989.1%54.3%-70.5%
2012 Account at 31/12/1424,18411.9%62.4%-38.1%
2011 Account at 31/12/1323,2973.9%25.3%-12.6%
2010 Account at 31/12/1223,0222.5%38.0%-41.5%
2009 Account at 31/12/1118,13617.1%64.7%-40.6%
2008 Account at 31/12/1016.10610.2%72.6%-56.0%
2007 Account at 31/12/0916,43316.9%66.5%-20.9%
2006 Account at 31/12/0814,91027.1%73.3%-0.7%
2005 Account at 31/12/0713,7652.5%42.8%-74.4%
2004 Account at 31/12/0614,96210.3%40.6%-18.9%
Source: Lloyd's Global results, syndicate best & worst results/forecasts for those reporting a three year result, before any members’ agents’ fees. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future potential profitability.

A Risk Business 

Insurance underwriting is a risk business.

Members of Lloyd’s must bear in mind that there is scope to experience losses as well as profits and that membership should normally be viewed as a long-term venture.

The importance of understanding the basic elements of insurance, the nature of the risks inherent in underwriting insurance at Lloyd’s and the potential risks inherent in a member’s portfolio of syndicates cannot be over-emphasised.

Given the nature of the Lloyd’s market, past results may be an unreliable guide to future prospects. Whereas there is evidence that insurance premium rates are cyclical, loss frequency and severity is not correlated to the underlying strength or weakness of premium rates. Losses may, therefore, be sustained in years where premiums are high.

Independent Advice

Membership of Lloyd’s is not suitable for all and prospective members should seek independent financial advice before committing to join the market. We place great emphasis on the annual “Risk Profile” form in order to give members advice that is tailored to the personal and financial circumstances and risk appetite of each member.