Work with independent underwriting experts to help your clients achieve attractive returns, double use of assets and possible estate planning benefits.

Uncovering opportunity.

Underwriting at Lloyd’s is a highly effective but often poorly understood way to achieve attractive returns while offering estate planning benefits.

That is why we work in close partnership with wealth managers, accountants, lawyers, and other trusted advisers, so they can discuss this attractive investment option with their clients in confidence.


Average gross annual returns achieved by our clients since 2008.

Strong returns

Your clients will be able to access Alpha's expertise which has delivered market and peer outperformance. Unlike its peers, Alpha does not charge profit commission.

True diversification

Underwriting returns demonstrate very low correlations with other asset classes, helping clients to manage risk as part of their overall portfolio construction.

Recommend with confidence

Your clients are advised by a team of independent analysts with deep expertise in underwriting at Lloyd’s.

We only recommend a syndicate for support, if capital is also being provided by one of Alpha’s directors.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

A wealth of benefits

Connected and informed
Your clients look to you for ideas and insights. They expect their adviser to bring new solutions to their attention.Working with Alpha will build your knowledge of a valuable but sometimes little-known investment opportunity.

More. Together.
We regularly take part in joint activities with our network of advisers.
Client education can be delivered in person or online either at your own events or those we co-host with our partners.

“Partnering with advisers to help their clients better understand the underwriting market is a pleasure because most are so pleasantly surprised at what they learn.”

Why invest at Lloyd’s

The world’s leading insurance market

Lloyd’s comprises managing agents that operate almost 100 syndicates or special purpose arrangements. Investors at Lloyd’s provide capital for these, then receive a share of the profits or losses in proportion to their commitment.

  • Limited liability
  • Direct access to underwriting returns with an opportunity for capital gains
  • Low correlation with other asset classes
  • Double use of assets and some leverage
  • Tax planning benefits


Investing at Lloyd’s

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