Why choose Alpha?

Alpha is a business run by insurance analysts who believe that high-quality, bespoke service is of paramount importance in a private client business.

We have outperformed the Lloyd’s market and our peers since inception in 2008.

Unlike the other members’ agents, we do not charge a profit commission. This helps the overall performance of your investment and encourages best advice at all times – regardless of market conditions and income to Alpha.

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All syndicates we support are also underwritten by one of our directors.
We favour balanced portfolios that outperform across an insurance market cycle. We consider market conditions before recommending the optimum mix of classes, ranging from catastrophe to less volatile specialty lines.


Our service is truly bespoke and based upon individual risk appetite.
Alpha does not offer Members’ Agency Pooling Arrangements (MAPAs). Instead, every Alpha client portfolio is unique. Every Alpha member has two dedicated points of contact; one for portfolio advice and the other for administrative support covering the operational aspects of Lloyd’s membership.


Our team provide you with direct access to the highest quality analysis of underwriting at Lloyd’s based upon decades of experience.

Alpha’s client executives are primarily syndicate analysts with first-hand knowledge of underwriting at Lloyd’s.

This provides clients with direct access to the highest quality analysis in support of their underwriting decisions.

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