Co-invest at Lloyd’s with market-beating, independent experts who believe in thorough analysis, personal service and pragmatic advice.

Peace of mind

When it comes to your investments, you want to know you have made the right choice for the long-term. So do we.

That is why we invest alongside our clients, applying exhaustive analysis to construct bespoke portfolios that deliver strong returns, true diversification from other asset classes and often tax benefits too.


Average gross annual returns achieved by our clients since 2008.

Strong returns

Our clients enjoy attractive returns on their investment. In aggregate Alpha has significantly outperformed the market since inception and, unlike other advisers, does not charge profit commission.

True diversification

Underwriting returns demonstrate very low correlations with other asset classes, helping clients to manage risk as part of their overall portfolio construction.

Stable and safe

Diversification is key pillar of almost all investment strategies and portfolio construction. However, most asset classes have a high correlation to one another.

In contrast, underwriting returns demonstrate much lower correlation with other asset classes. Correct portfolio construction can also limit downside risk.

In absolute terms, 2017 was the worst year ever for global insurance industry losses. Despite this, the average Alpha client lost only 2.8% on capacity.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

A wealth of benefits

Independent specialists at your side
Our clients are advised by a team of analysts with deep expertise of underwriting at Lloyd’s. We will only recommend a syndicate for support if capital is also being provided by one of Alpha’s directors.

Tax advantages
Membership of Lloyd’s can provide benefits under Business Property Relief (after two years of trading) as well as other favourable tax treatments.

No profit commission
Our fee structure differs from our competitors in that profit commission is not charged to any of our members.

“Personal service is of paramount importance in a private client business”

Emma Royds ACII, Alpha co-founder

Why invest at Lloyd’s

The world’s leading insurance market

Investors at Lloyd’s provide capital to syndicates and special purpose arrangements (SPAs) and receive a share of the profits or losses in proportion to their commitment.

  • Limited liability
  • Direct access to underwriting returns with an opportunity for capital gains
  • Low correlation with other asset classes
  • Double use of assets and some leverage
  • Tax planning benefits


Investing at Lloyd’s

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