The primary focus of Lloyd’s today is the sustainable profitability of the market, which means strict constraints for some and opportunities for others.

Improved premium rates.

Increased natural catastrophe activity since 2017 has combined with the global impact of COVID-19 to give rise to 17 consecutive quarters of rate rises and a step-change in pricing across virtually every class of business.

Improved oversight.

The syndicate business planning process has been increasingly robust, leading to tighter restrictions on the poor performing syndicates and increased opportunities for those that demonstrate ‘logical, realistic and achievable’ plans. Lloyd’s prioritises the sustainable long-term profitability of the market. We are now seeing the first signs of significantly lower underlying claims frequency.

Improved prospects for profitability.

Concurrently, the continuing modernisation of Lloyd’s will reduce expenses and contribute to a leaner, more innovative and increasingly profitable market.
As global pricing continues to improve, the opportunities for third-party capital to invest profitably at Lloyd’s are further increasing.

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Investing at Lloyd’s

The main benefits of Lloyd’s membership are:

  • Limited liability
  • Direct access to underwriting returns
  • An opportunity for capital gains
  • Low correlation with other asset classes
  • Double use of assets and some leverage
  • Tax planning opportunities (including pension and inheritance tax benefits for UK residents).

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